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My Fountain of Youth!

Updated: Mar 7

"Drink in" a little bit of personally gained knowledge on the power of alkaline water [Post 1 of 2]

Don't knock it until you try it!

Every single person that I've witnessed taste alkaline water produced from my kangen water system has felt an instant change energetically, and with their mental clarity - to start! INCLUDING ME.

For me personally, after two weeks of drinking alkaline water straight from this source ( not in grocery store plastic bottles ) stored in my own glass bottles, I have experienced a change I worked hard to fight for in the past. And I say "fight" because cravings and food addictions can be so hard to overcome.

My biggest challenge with eating healthy has been the society driven addictive unnatural cravings I was raised on [ our nation was raised on ] for the last 29 years. After consistent alkaline water intake I don't want any processed food, not even a small snack of chips, any carbonated drinks, or fast food. The hardest habits for me to kick! I don't even want "just a taste" that I'm always asking for to satisfy my craving when other people have it around me. I don't even feel tempted any more and that is S O AMAZING to me.

After feeling how great, energized and clear minded I feel from being "clean" I don't want to contaminate my body with anything that will take away that amazing feeling I have everyday. No aches or pains, no short tempers, anxiety, or negative thoughts, no not even a little bit!

When purchasing this unit I was sent a link to learn a little more about the the benefits of this water :


The video included a demo of the host cleaning tomatoes in tap water and alkaline water separately. So I tried it for myself and saw real results ->>>>>

In the video the host adjusts his system to a higher ph getting stronger results. My test was done using only a ph of 9.5 kangen alkaline water and I STILL got results. Pictured you see the tap water clean - it doesn't wash anything off. The Alkaline water on the other hand has micro-cluster molecules that are so small they can absorb better at a cellular level, cleaning out unseen pesticides. Makes me think twice about what I feed my family! Because the molecules are so small it also hydrates you better, and exes out any bloated feelings like regular tap water.

He goes on to discuss one of the main benefits of kangen alkaline water, and that's Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) , or the ability to reduce oxidation.

"What is oxidation? When you cut an apple in half, it goes brown. We're always aging and rusting or oxidizing all the time. So when you actually put something in your body that's an ANTI-oxidant, you're giving your body the ability to reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process." Vitamin C has a -100 ORP , Green tea -200 , cod liver oil -300, Kangen water ? -400 to -800!! 1 glass of kangen alkaline water has more antioxidants than 1 gallon of blueberries. Please refer back to the link above!

BRAVO! If you've made it this far in my blog. I'm no health professional but I am a strong believer of taking control of your health now so you're not fighting for it in the future. Life is short, let's stay happy and healthy for it's entire span, and feel great everyday . Let's share this knowledge with the children of our future, so that not only do we benefit but our planet does too, in the long run.

There is so much more I can say about alkaline water, or my fountain of youth. But I will save it for another post.

If you have any questions about this water and want to know where to get it, I am here to help!

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