• Belle

Sweet potato Gnocchi - Easy vegan lunch idea!

Updated: Mar 7

Sesame seeds add an excellent crunch and a bit of flavor to the spinach

I N G R E D I E N T S :

> 2 large sweet potatoes

> 2.5 cups all-purpose or almond flour

> 1 tspn of sea salt

> 2-3 cups of spinach

> 1 tbspn sesame seeds

What to do?

Bake sweet potatoes for 45 minutes at 350, peel after cooling down and mash in a bowl. Slowly incorporate flour on a lightly floured surface with a fork then kneading at least 10x's with your hand.

Roll in a ball, cut into four portions, and roll each portion into long rope-like pieces. Cut each rope in 4 sections and make "gnocchi ridges" with a fork. Boil in salt water until they float. Pan sear in coconut oil. Add spinach in same pan and cook down under a minute on medium low with sesame seeds.

A little back history...

My obsession of a healthy diet jump started after I became pregnant. This included baking 5 sweet potatoes every 1-2 weeks, a habit I still carry on today. Such a great veggie for meal preps! Its so easy to grab a pre-baked sweet potato and throwing it in with my lunch for work.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes commonly obtained through pregnancy that goes away after giving birth. It affected how my cells used sugar, or glucose. The doctor warned that it can cause high blood pressure affecting my pregnancy or baby, and that it gave both of us a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So it was so vital that I monitored and kept my blood sugar under control. This added onto the high anxiety and paranoia I already had being a 1st time parent, just wanting everything to go right.

Getting pregnant supported and inspired me to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term, especially knowing there was life inside of me that depended on it.

After further research I found that superfoods like sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach and others were not only essential for pregnant women with gestational diabetes but, pregnant women and fetal health in general!

Sweet potatoes can help regulate natural sugar levels and contain high amounts of vitamin C that our body needs a long with many other vitamins. It also has high fiber content to aid in digestion - we all know how I feel about gut health -.

Spinach compliments this meal so well being another essential superfood packed with vitamins, mainly vitamin c.

My son never turns down his baked sweet potato especially when its covered in coconut sugar. Super flavorful in his favor and super nutritional in our favor. I throw spinach in his scrambled eggs and in my husbands sandwiches for his lunch meal preps. Spinach has almost no flavor and is so easy to eat. I also use it for both our lunches as a base to our salads.

I was so excited when I came across this idea on pinterest. It fits my aim for all vegan recipes : healthy, easy to make, flavorful and filling!

Searing the gnocchi in coconut oil after boiling gives it a nice outer crunch, I don't advise skipping that part!

I hope you all try it and enjoy it as much as I do! I can promise your body will!