(2) 100% Cotton Muslin Drawstring Tea Infuser

  • 100% Food Grade, non toxic, soft, natural and safe, durable and reusable.
  • Great fit for loose leaf tea, coffee, herbs, bouquet garni, spices, herbal powder, dry flowers.
  • Easy to clean, light weight, meeting traveling needs.


Note: Tea Sachets will be included on your FIRST FULL loose leaf tea tin order, with no additional charge! (Not applicable for test tube samples.)

Seperate purchase required for any following orders thereafter, when needed.

(2) Reusable Tea Strainer Sachets

  • Good for multiple usage, to reuse tea sachet: Rinse and strain thoroughly, immediately after use, and lay out to dry in a clean space.

    To reuse tea leaves in reusable sachet: place in a cup of cold water with leaves still in the sachet, and store in the refrigerator for next day use.