Three words: Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), or the ability to reduce oxidizing. We take ANTIOXIDANTS to reduce oxidation or aging, rusting, or breaking down of something. Oxidation is what you see when you cut an apple in half and it starts to decay and brown. 


One of the strongest antioxidants you can take to reverse this aging or decay process in our bodies that starts at about 27 years old,  is 9.5PH Alkaline water, with more antioxidants than green tea or blueberries. It is clear of fluoride, heavy metals and any other harmful substances you may find in tap or some bottled water. You will taste how clean it is!


This water is produced in one the most high end units by Kangen ( LeveLuk k8)


Celebrities and athletes use it for their high end performance, or brain health, and it has even been called the Fountain of Youth. It has such small hydrogen ions that you dont feel bloated when you drink it, it absorbs in the body easily keeping you nice and hydrated.


This is especially essential during a global pandemic, and when water bottles are low in store. Deliveries are not available. Pick up in store or No-contact / curbside pick-up available. 


Further details discussed upon purchase*


Stay safe, healthy and conscious my friends!

9.5 PH Alkaline Water - FREE to try!

  • Keep water sealed with a cap and refrigerated or stored in a cool dark place