Kangen Beauty water produced by one of Kangen's highest grade units, is essential for clearing up blemishes, discoloration, or acne NATURALLY. No chemicals or additives. Pure Naturally balanced PH Water.


It is perfect for making your own holistic facial sprays, like rose water sprays for the face, neck and chest. Or you can simply splash some on your face routinely and reap the amazing results! 

Celebrities that use this water are Jennifer Lopez, Opera, Antonio Banderas, the list goes on. And they haven't aged a day! You're not old, you're dehydrated! Let's fix that ;) 


Curbside pick-ups available or no-contact pick-ups. Not available for delivery.


Full details discussed upon purchase.

Kangen Beauty Water - FREE to try!

  • Store in refrigerator, or cool dark areas and sealed when not in use for optimal results.